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The Plan for Building a Youth Ministry Research Paper - 2750 Words

The Plan for Building a Youth Ministry Research Paper (Research Paper Sample) Content: PLAN FOR BUILDING A YOUTH MINISTRYStudents nameCourse numberDate Christians are called to participate in the gospel of the cross. The Holy Spirit challenges us to partner fully with the mission and life of Jesus Christ and the church. The youth ministry plays an imperative role in this mission. The youth is integrated with the mainstream congregation and not separated. It is Christ-centered and nurtured through the study and proclamation of the word of Christ. The role of the youth ministry in equipping the young people to utilize their God-given talents and abilities and apply the same as faithful disciples of the Lord cannot be overemphasized. Thus, the youth ministry comprehends the young people in youth groups as forming part of the larger ministry and therefore integrating the young people with all the other age groups within the ministry of Jesus Christ. The book of 1 Corinthians 12: 12-26 talks about the unity and diversity of the Body. The body referred to in this case is the body of Christ translating into the church. The scripture provides the notion every part of the body has a different function, and this function is every unique to that part. The hand cannot take the role of the ear of hearing, and the ear cannot take over the function of the hand. This is the diversity mentioned in the verse. Every part of the body cannot act in isolation either, for it to be a body, all the parts have to operate in harmony so as to achieve congruence. The analogy from the scripture relates to the church, the body of Christ. All the different parts of the church are unique for the role played in the mission to spread the gospel to the rest of the world as mandated by God. The youth ministry strives to equip the young people in the ways of Christ while the Sunday school provides the foundation of Christ for the children. The mainstream ministry instills spiritual growth in the walk with Christ. However, these different aspects of the Church shou ld work in harmony to form what Christ referred to as the church. I chose to be involved in the youth ministry to be part of the universal body of Christ. By partaking to be part of the body of Jesus, I will be fulfilling the mandate to take the gospel worldwide and more so to the young people of our current generation. With the advent of technology and numerous innovation and creations today, everything seems right with the young generation even if it is not according to the Bible. Veering off the course that the word of the Lord channels is easier now more than ever, and the young people feel justified in their actions. A vibrant youth ministry led by young people cultured in the discipline of the scriptures and doctrine will certainly be of necessity to ensure we bring back our young people leaving the church. I chose to be part of this endeavor as I engage my mission of bringing back the youth to Church through my active participation in the youth ministry. The youth ministry is associated with different misconceptions derived from the base of the membership and the activities of these ministries. The expectations in the youth ministry by ministers, parents and the young people do not overlap presenting a challenge of the ineffectiveness of the ministry for the young people. Stereotypical perception of the youth ministers present another dissatisfaction of the ministry. The pastors are presumed to be young in both age and knowledge of the word of the Lord thus presented as not able to instill in the young men what mainstream minister can accomplish. The young pastors are however passionate and understand the dynamics of the challenges of the young people. Despite this passion for the Word of the Lord, the reputation of the youth ministry regarding theology is presented as not serious. The youth ministry at my local church understands the justification for the treatment as such and considerations of other aspects of the demerits will be evaluated to un derscore the importance of considering all the views and positions. With a background knowledge in the notions prescribed of the youth ministry, my plan entails identifying first of all such misconception of the young people in the church to ascertain barrier breaking plan to achieve an active ministry. The expectations of everyone in the church community regarding the youth ministry is streamlined by engaging the rational understanding of both parents, young people, and the ministers. I will make it clear to everyone that the church cannot exist without a vibrant youth ministry committed to the Word of the Lord and ensure the spiritual growth of the young people. I would challenge the church to make sure that the entire community understands that without the youth ministry, the church has no future. The Christian society as it stands at the moment underestimates what the youth ministry can accomplish in the mission of spreading the gospel as effectively as the mainstream ministry.  Young people are not expected to rise to occasional challenges and therefore are rarely taught the doctrine and what the church believes. The implication of this perception translate to an ignorant generation that lacks understanding of the basic principles that the church is built upon. My plan for the youth ministry in this essence will regard engaging the church community to believe in the young people to undertake the spiritual challenge and trust the department with the spiritual custody of the young generation. Amongst the age group at the church, the older members of the youth ministry between twenty-five and thirty years will provide the guidance and undertake challenges for the group. Engaging young people in taking the gospel to the people out in the world will form part of the priority plan of the youth ministry. By undertaking such actions, the base principle of ensuring ignorance eradication and strengthening of the knowledge of Jesus amongst the young generation w ill propel the youth ministry further. The basic tenet is the instilling of the doctrine in the group. The young people should understand what the church believes in and strive to incorporate the young version of that value and vision within it. Holding regular meetings to underscore this value will enhance cohesion and increase participation as the young people will feel responsible for the mission of the gospel. Instilling the doctrine will however be according to the modern ways of embracing the word of the Lord. The feeling of being left out will not form part of the ministry perception due to the separation trends related with such feeling. By establishing different departments of the youth ministry and engaging the young people in their activities, the involvement will elucidate the understanding of the doctrine from the youth perspective. The ministry will focus on the activities that propel its core mission with harmony with other parts of the church. Distractive engagements will not form part of the ministry. The vision of the ministry must be unique to the people, and clarity of emphasis with regards to the objectives of the word of Christ in the group will drive the ministry. The euphoria associated with youth ministries that they are engaged in popularity contest elicits different drawbacks to the young population. By ensuring that the ministry does not overshadow the mainstream ministry of the church and engaging in the constant unification of the Church, my youth ministry will ensure no conflicts arise from the activities of the Church. Some ministers view youth ministry as a necessary bother, entertainers and not serious and in the process hire young people on such prospects without considering their theological backgrounds and doctrinal understanding of the Word. The youth ministry at my local church will understand the importance of this concern by ensuring that the young people incorporated into the ministry not only provide entertainment bu t spiritual growth to these young people. Training of the youth in the ministry between the ages of 25 to thirty in spiritual development and doctrines to engage the young people in exploring their spiritual abilities will ensure progress and commitment to the ministry. The evangelistic passion among youth pastors on many occasions drive the teaching and studying of theology neglected. Many youth pastors tend to consider that the young generation does not need doctrines but Jesus. This notion derives their engagement with young as relational and thus sidelining the core mandate of instilling the doctrines. My ministry understands that without the clear comprehension of the doctrine, many young people will not last in the church. Striving to ensure they are involved in doctrinal studies of the word by incorporating new technology in the theology teachings. Weekly doctrinal sermons among different groups more so the adolescent group of between sixteen years and twenty-three. Creati ng of departments of the youth ministry within the church will ensure the teachings are conveyed in comfortable groups of young people. Youth ministries around the world are perceived as fun while theology on the other end is viewed as not so fun. Therefore, the expectation of the church leaders, ministers, parents and the entire Church community expect a continuation of the ministry to be fun and not bore young people with doctrines and theology. It is perceived as the main reason why many young people are leaving the church today. By establishing a youth ministry, I will ensure both integration of the ministry with fun and theology. My emphasis will be on the fact that fun is not the goal of the ministry, but theology is, and thus the core mandate will engage the young people to understand the doctrines and having fun at the same time. The core purpose of my youth ministry will be to ensure that the ministry forms a vibrant part of the church. However, the ...

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Sports Role in Your Life - Free Essay Example

What role do sports play in your life? â€Å"An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature† To the typical person this is what a sport is; however I have a different interpretation of the word. Throughout the years of my life sports have transformed from an extra curricular activity to a way of life. What sport you play defines who you are as a person and enhances your credibility in a social setting. Also it demonstrates certain traits that you have acquired through the experience. Intellectual, endurance, determination, competition, dedication, cohesion, pride and hope† Are inspirational words I would use to define what a sport means. Each definition has a direct relation to my experiences playing the sport of field hockey and soccer. Being enrolled as a young child has given me the opportunity to be exposed to a productive way to have a healthy lifestyle. Today the world is a competitive place . sports taught me to strive a nd compete for what I want out of life. By being introduced to competition at a young age, I am able to pursue my dreams and prepare me for pot secondary education. This makes me a stronger person by giving me the skills to prosper in today’s society. Being healthy is a big part of my life. In my youth sports was essential contributor to mu lifestyle of exercise and eating right. As well as introducing me to alternative ways to stay fit. Sports have not only influenced me physical but spiritually also. If you are satisfied with yourself on the outside it influences you to have a positive outlook of yourself on the inside. This can lead to finding true happiness. Stress is a main contributor to casualties in North America. The highest proscribed medicine in Canada is Anti Depressants such as Prozac. These types of drugs are highly proscribed to teens. For me I use sports as my anti depressant. Being able to control each executed move on the field and by being given a cha llenge calms my soul.

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Essay on Bullying a Social Issue That the School System...

Running Head: BULLYING Bullying: A Social Issue That the School System Ignores â€Å"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no ones definition of your life, but define yourself†. – Harvey S. Firestone The Issue Strong, influential and cruel are just some of the words that come to mind when you hear the word bully. In American culture, bullying among children and teenagers has often been dismissed as a normal part of growing up. Little attention has been paid to the devastating effects of bullying, or to the connection between bullying and other forms of violence. Bullying in the American educational system is a significant social issue that it is steadily increasing. Many experts fear†¦show more content†¦Even more devastating than that is that many youth who are the victims of bullying have taken there own lives, children as young as seven have committed suicide because of constant bullying. Politically anti-bullying policies have been adapted by different local legislation but no national laws have been passed that would hold people suspected of bullying to any jail time. Currently bullying is only held as a form of harassment in many state courts, this is only enforced through documented harassment not hearsay. To fully address the problems that result from the emotional and sometimes physical obstacles faced by victims the schools must encourage children to report incidents of bullying and ensure students believe they will be helped. Censorship as it relates to what can and can not be entered on websites should be strictly enforced. Accountability on behalf of school officials that notice victims and perpetrators should also be strictly enforced. Educational institutions are perfect conduits for change because they have a captive audience to teach the basic human values of respect for self and others. Claims A very persuasive claim can be made to the media that involves the children themselves who have been bullied or were once a bully to share their stories. Showing family pictures of the children that have committed suicide to escape the torment that bullying brings coupled with interviewsShow MoreRelatedBullying Is A Problem For School1318 Words   |  6 PagesBullying has been a problem for schools for a long time and has continued to be so. It has increased dramatically, taking everything that happens at school and moving it to the Internet. Pre-teens and teens are the most likely victims because they do not fit in a certain group or the bully just wants to show them that they are better than anyone else. While, the school focuses on only the academic part of the students and not the social, they cause students to build barriers between everyone in orderRead MoreThe Internet and Cyberbullying Essay576 Words   |  3 PagesCyber Bullying Nowadays, the Internet is regarded as the most widely used source of social media and the fastest way to exchange knowledge and information all over the world, playing a vital role in everyone’s daily life. The internet has countless functions, useful for everyday work and entertainment, but it is being abused by people nowadays. One of the ways it is being abused is by cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when people use the internet to make fun of others, belittle them, andRead MoreThe Effects Of Bullying On Everyone s Bullying1220 Words   |  5 Pages2016 The Effects of Bullying on Everyone Bullying and in its many various ways effects everyone in a lot of ways. A lot of the people are being humiliated and hurt. Victims of bullying commit suicide because people that are being bullied think bullying will not stop. Bullying is a big problem in many countries, it is a problem that everyone can experience at anytime and anywhere. Bullying can be the number one problem everyone experiences in daily basis. Bullies think that bullying is fun. Bullies areRead MoreCyber Bullying Essay example1112 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Networking has taken bullying to the extreme. Before advanced technology, children and teenagers were troubled by school bullies. Today, they are targeted by bullies via internet. Most people undergo some form of bullying in life. Growing up, I experienced the typical name calling and spiteful comments. I also dealt with minor cases of virtual bullies. These bullies are known as cyber bullies. I find this topic compelling because it’s a matter that has spiraled out of control. â€Å"Cyber bullyingRead MoreEducation And Its Importance Of Education1255 Words   |  6 PagesEducation and Its Importance Education is an important part of US society and all its issues should be recognized and addressed. Unfortunately this is not the case. Education has many issues and the three most important are the day-one problem, bullying, and high dropout rates. These issues are often a big problem and can lead to an education that does not do the United States justice. The first issue is the day one problem. This problem states the beginning of a child’s life is extremely importantRead MoreCyber Bullying And Its Effects On Children1314 Words   |  6 PagesBullying, according to Oxford Dictionary, is the use of â€Å"superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to force someone to do what one wants.† Growing up, the only bullying that I have witnessed is on the television. The majority of people perceive a bully as a tough boy threatening another for his lunch money, but times have changed in unison with technology evolving. One of the overwhelmingly popular uses of the internet is to contact friends and relatives by posting pictures and sendingRead MoreCyberbullying : A New Form Of Bullying1203 Words   |  5 PagesEliminating Cyberbullying Bullying has had a well known status for destroying the confidence and esteem of our world’s youth for decades. Recently, a new form of bullying has emerged and has taken over the technological environment. Similar to a student physically bullying another peer, we see victims hurt after an attack over misuse of the Internet. Cyberbullying has been much harder to track than face-to-face bullying. It has also been easier for someone to attack another merciless and guiltlessRead MoreAn Analysis of Cyber-Bullying in a Multiethnic Sample Essays974 Words   |  4 Pagescombating what is popularly known as cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying emerged from the anonymity technology provides bullies, the victims’ would receive repeated taunts, flames, in the form of emails, text messages, messages lefts on the victims’ social networking sites up to exclusion from those media sites. Goebert, D., Else, I., Matsu, C., Chung-Do, J., and Chang, J.Y., (2011) looked into the effects of cyber bullying on the mental health of ethnic high school students. The independent variables (IVs)Read MoreSba Sample on Bullying1333 Words   |  6 PagesStatement Of Problem Topic: Bullying Focus Question: What effect does Bullying have on its victims and how are their emotional selves impacted? Guiding Questions: What are the signs of a person being bullied? At what age does the effect of bullying impact an individual the most? What causes someone to be bullied? Reason For Selecting Area of Research I chose the topic of bullying because I believe that it is a problem thatRead MoreSba Sample on Bullying1341 Words   |  6 PagesStatement Of Problem Topic: Bullying Focus Question: What effect does Bullying have on its victims and how are their emotional selves impacted? Guiding Questions: What are the signs of a person being bullied? At what age does the effect of bullying impact an individual the most? What causes someone to be bullied? Reason For Selecting Area of Research I chose the topic of bullying because I believe that it is a problem that is making

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The Three Domains Of Life - 1113 Words

Part A.) List the THREE domains of life. For each domain, include the following: 3 characteristics of the domain and 3 examples of organisms belonging to each domain. The three domains of life are classified as: Eukarya 1) Organisms with eukaryotic cells that include protists, kingdom Plantae, kingdom Fungi, and kingdom Animalia. 2) Protists are mostly single-celled organisms. 3) Kingdom Plantae is represented by plants, which are able to produce their own food. Example: an avocado tree. Kingdom Fungi, is represented by organisms that absorb water and nutrients by decomposing the remains of dead organisms and organic wastes. Example: mushrooms. Kingdom Animalia is represented by animals, which get their food by eating other animals.†¦show more content†¦The image is composed of light and dark areas, however, the image can be colorized to emphasize features. It requires that the column must be a vacuum, and that the specimen must be cut very thin. For these reasons, it is not used study living organism. As a disadvantage, some structures called artifact, can be seen but they are not present in natural specimens. 3. Scanning Electron Microscope-(SEM) it is a type of electron microscope that also uses a magnetic fields within a vacuum tube to manipulate a beam of electrons. The surface of the specimen need to be coated with a metal such as platinum or gold. It is used to observe the surface details of microbes and cellular structures, and this can be a disadvantage since it does not magnify the internal structures of the specimen. It can magnify up to 10,000x with a resolution about 20nm. The resulting image is in 3D and can be enhance with color. 4. Gram staining-it is a technique used to differentiate between Gram-positive cells, which stain purple, and Gram-negative cells, which stain pink. The physical and chemical structures of these cells are different, allowing them to be identified by the used of different dyes. The first step is to color all the cells of the smear by using the basic dye crystal violet for 1 minute. Then iodine is used to bind the dye and make it less soluble, after it is rinse all cell remainShow MoreRelatedCompare and contrast the Five kingdom a797 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Compare and contrast the Five kingdom and three domain classification system Classification is the method used by scientists to order living organisms. All species have a unique classification that results in a binomial name. classification is used to make it easier for different species to be identified by scientists. The current system, the  Three Domain System  , groups organisms primarily based on differences in ribosomal RNA structure. Ribosomal RNA is a molecular building block for  ribosomes  Read MoreCognitive, Social, And Physical Development936 Words   |  4 PagesEducation emphasizes the development of the whole child: Cognitive, social and physical. Some educators emphasize the cognitive domain, neglecting social and physical development. Student learning is enhanced when teachers incorporate the three domains into planning and implementation of curriculum. This paper will investigate how cognitive, social, and physical domains of development are inextricably linked and how they affect the development of the whole child. Cognitive Development CognitiveRead MoreLife Span Human Development Paper748 Words   |  3 Pagesfrom 3/31/10) Life Span Perspective Paper : To understand change in life is probably one of the most important aspects of human development. Our perspective on life and understanding the changes that occur during the different stages of the human life is the key to understanding why we tick and operate the way we do. Lifespan perspective is a key to understanding this and is something a person must do basically lifelong. Life development is basically ones understandingRead MoreThe Abolition Of The Prokaryote / Eukaryote Dichotomy1536 Words   |  7 Pagesthe diverse field of biology has always been the classification of organisms. Even before Darwin postulated his famous theory of evolution and the tree of life, systems existed to name the inhabitants of the natural world and organise them into distinct categories. As our understanding of the world changes and we delve deeper and deeper into life on a molecular level, it becomes necessary to update our techniques and question our previously held beliefs, but often these new ideas are met with resistanceRead MoreUnderstanding and Developing Essay1088 Words   |  5 Pagesthroughout his or her’s life. Human development occurs at different stages, throughout the life span. A child will experience many milestones from birth to toddlerhood, throughout early and middle childhood, and several theories for these milestones. Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, and Erik Erikson classify their different theories of the stages of life in three unique domains: physical, cognitive, and psychosocial/emotional. Infancy/Toddlerhood (0-3) and Domain Physical The physical domain of lifespan developmentRead MoreDevelopment Of The Cognitive, Physical And Social Emotional Domains Within Middle Childhood980 Words   |  4 PagesThis essay aims to analysis the development of the cognitive, physical and social-emotional domains within middle childhood. This essay will discuss how the development of these domains can be seen throughout the movie ‘Boyhood’. Cognitive development is defined as â€Å"the process of growth and change in intellectual/mental abilities such as thinking, reasoning and understanding and includes the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge† ( ). Physical development can be defined as â€Å"changes in bodyRead MoreHow Archaea Work in Symbiotic Relationship in the Digestive Tract of Termites1402 Words   |  6 PagesArchaea and the origin of life. The word Archaea originated from the Greeks, meaning beginning. Throughout this essay we will go through discovers of Archaea and why they are classif ied as Prokaryotes and what the actual evolutionary relationship of Archaea to Eukaryotes and bacteria. We will look at the differing views throughout the scientific community in regards to the number of domains. Over whether three domains of life or two domains of life fit in the Tree of life. We will look at some researchRead MoreLife Span Perspective Paper746 Words   |  3 PagesRunning Head: LIFE SPAN PERSPECTIVE PAPER Life Span Perspective Paper Natalia Pimentel University of Phoenix PSY/375 Andrew Rodriguez September 15, 2009 Life Span Perspective Paper People are constantly changing and developing ever since conception to the day they pass away. Some changes can be more for people depending on the choices and incidents that occurs in a person’s life. The majority of changes that people go through are passed by common biological and psychologicalRead MoreEssay about Human Growth and Development1057 Words   |  5 Pagesgrowth and the life span perspective begin from the day of conception and continue throughout the life span. It is a lifelong process which involves periods and domains of very great importance. Psychologist, sociologist, and others have done many researches into the life span of humans and have made various conclusions as to how humans behave at any given time in the life span. According to experts, the life span perspective of human development involves three key developmental domains (Hernandez,Read MoreDifferences Between Eukaryotes And Eukaryotes850 Words   |  4 Pagesbasic building blocks for all u nits of life and can be characterised into two distinct types: Eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Prokaryotes are the oldest and most primitive forms of life and can be distinguished from eukaryotes as they lack a distinct nucleus. Prokaryotes can be further classified into two domains: bacteria and archaea. Together, bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes make up what is known as ‘The three domains of life† which divides all cellular life on Earth. Even though bacteria and archaea

The Effects Of Climate Change On Food Production - 1718 Words

The state in Australia most vulnerable to the effects of climate change is Queensland (Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence, 2010, page 23). Queensland has one of the world’s highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions per capita, which has only continued to increase over the last decade (Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence, 2010, page 23). The last decade was the warmest recorded in Queensland’s history, with temperatures being 0.58 degrees Celcius higher than the average for the past four decades (Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence, 2010, page 1). It is estimated that by 2050, temperatures will have risen an additional 1.0-2.2 degrees Celcius and rainfall will decrease up to seven percent (Queensland†¦show more content†¦Department of the Environment. Para 19). The primary industries sector of Queensland is composed of cattle and milk, sheep and wool, poultry and eggs, pigs and other livestock, fruit, vegetables and nuts, hortic ulture, sugar cane, cotton, and other field crops, fisheries, and forestry and logging (Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence, 2010, page 60). Production from the primary industries is suggested to face a significant decline by 2030 due to â€Å"increased drought, reduced water resources and higher temperatures,† (Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence, 2010, page 61). The suggested impacts on the primary industries sector include: â€Å"warmer and drier weather in future decades over much of Queensland, more frequent droughts and drier conditions, increased frequency of severe weather events including flooding, which could also reduce primary and agricultural production through reduction in crop yields and through stock losses, and changes in average rainfall and temperatures, in seasonal distribution of rainfall and in rainfall variability, which directly affect crop production,† (Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence, 2010, page 60). Primar y producers are already feeling the effects of a decline in water available through rainfall and runoff, and the effects of changes in temperature are likely to be felt within the next ten years (Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence, 2010, page 61). Climate change will have

Leadership and Organizational Dynamics for Shell Downstream

Question: Discuss about theLeadership and Organizational Dynamics for Shell Downstream. Answer: As an executive of Shell Downstream, I would try to take various types of financial assistance for the company. The right of the people must also be fulfilled and the people must also be allowed to control their own property. The process must be participatory and it must include various stakeholders. It is also necessary for me to monitor and track the progress and thus confirm whether the objectives are met. I must also ensure that the investment will continue to lay a positive impact on the local community of South Africa. It is also essential that there is sustainability in providing the required energy for the growing population of the country and their safety. It is also necessary for the company to deliver the energy safely and to protect the environment. This will help in protecting the contractors, employees and the local communities. The radical economic transformation will also turn the investors of the company (Yulk 2005). Shell Downstream is trying critically to achieve r adical economic transformation. As an executive of the company, it is my responsibility to entrench the overall policy of the government and plan the key challenges of industrial and economic growth. This will help in the removal of poverty, unemployment and inequality among the people. This is important for the inclusive growth of South Africa. There must be new initiatives which are regarded as part of the various concentrated efforts and this is necessary to shift the productive base of the economy for the creation of decent and sustainable jobs. There must be upscale efforts for the inclusive and the shared growth and this is necessary for the control of management and transformation of different kinds of ownership. Shell also needs to restructure the business and change it so as to gain the position in the market. It is trying to retain the position of largest chemical and energy company and this is offering an adequate return to the shareholders in an increasing pace (Bryman 2 013). The radical economic transformation will help me in putting the coherent initiatives in a similar way and it will also help in shifting the productive base of the economy to much higher level of investment. There are some steps which are needed to be followed and this will also help in reducing the corruption. The social investment opportunities of Shell will also provide the people certain development programmes and this has helped them to combat unemployment and poverty levels. This has helped in improving the safety measures of the children who are travelling through different modes of transport. It is my duty as an employee to co-ordinate and collaborate with the other partners and thus this will help in the assistance of the children. It will also help in creating more employment opportunities such as direct employment or through various supply chain activities. It will also help in providing additional training programme and thus help in stimulating the business. Thus, it can b e said that as an employee it is necessary and vital to provide proper medical training to the people. The challenges must also be met in assistance with the partnerships from other organization (Storey 2004) References Bryman, A. ed., 2013.Leadership and organizations. Routledge. Storey, J. ed., 2004.Leadership in organizations: Current issues and key trends. Psychology Press. Yulk, G., 2005. Leadership in Organization. Pearson Publication India.